**PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer doing custom work of any kind. (My "real" job is keeping me too busy!) I am now making all of my photos available free of charge but am not doing anything custom.**

Welcome to D and D Moments
I see the world in pictures. Everywhere I look, I see the opportunity to freeze time in a photograph...whether it's driving down the highway, watching my kids' sporting events or just working in the yard...there is always a frame around my line of sight.

The other "D" in D and D Moments, my dad, has been a professional photographer for as long as I can remember. As a result, I grew up with a camera in my face. A few years ago, I realized that I am much happier behind the lens. Now, whether it's through the wing of an airplane, on the ledge of a trail in a National Park, or from the stands of a sporting event, we work together to capture all of life's precious moments.

This website allows us to share those captured moments with others.

Feel free to browse our existing galleries. We typically shoot pictures wherever we happen to be and then make our favorites available for others.

Diana Ralls